The Stable Coin with full transparency

The Stable Coin with weekly proof of bankstatement with Livestream

Demand 1

Online merchants want to offer their goods or services for a fixed amount with the less volatility with the crypto currencies as possible.

Demand 2

Owners of Cryptos are looking for a way to exchange their Cryptos to Fiat/Fiat to Cryptos quickly and low-priced by using a simple platform.

Demand 3

Users are searching for ways to send their coins quickly to where they should go, e.g. for arbitrage, to the account, to other users.

The Solution

The Stable Coin 1tUS

All issued coins are hedged with the same amount of US$. The deposit is deposited transparently as a cash deposit in the bank. Transparence: Confirmed weekly by live stream with account access. The money for the 1tUS coin is demonstrably fixed invested.

Via the website it is possible to buy and sell the coin for 1US$.

Only when the money in US$ is deposited in the bank account or by the company, new 1tU$ coins will flow onto the market.

The value can only be reduced with regard to the performance of the US$.

This ensures that there is no great volatility. Thus we offer a coin that allows the user to integrate the coin on different platforms and exchangers as a fixed amount e.g. to exchange or use cryptos.

Cost of 1 1tUS: 

First amount of coins:

Adjustable emmission:



Secured ways to purchase tokens:

1 USDollar = 1 1tUS

100 000 000

All issued coins are hedged with the same amount of USDollar.

Confirmations weekly by livestream via account access!

Bitcoin (BTC), Altcoins and Fiat payments


Most frequent questions and answers

Confirmation weekly by livestream via accountaccess.

A stable coin is a crypto currency that is pegged to another stable value, like resources, Gold or a Fiat currency. It is a global currency that is not linked to a central bank and has a low volatility.

You can use Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Dash, Dogecoin, Reddcoin.

Deposits and withdrawals via the payment processors or on Exchangers cost fees. These deposits/payouts generate the company’s profit.

Yes, you can find the bounty program with all details on bitcointalk.